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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Better late than Never

I took some time and made my granddaughter a small quilt for the wall in her room. She likes wolves so I made her a quilt with a wolf. She is also into Anime and I had some fabric on hand  that I thought would work perfectly. I was going to add a photo today but my program isn't working today for some reason. I will try to upload a pic tonight or tomorrow. I am happy to be done so I can get back to my quilt. I was asked to do a small quilt for a friend yesterday so I will be working on that in the next few weeks . I don't have to rush on the quilt and since that is the case I will work on my garden quilt for a few days so I can post to this blog. I have decided that i am going to make the bridge smaller than I had originally planned. I think it will make my trees look bigger. I don't think I will make bigger and more defined parts of the quilt until I get almost to the front edge of the quilt.