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Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome Home Quilt

This is the " Welcome Home" I just finished for the House Quilt Project.
It is for a Marine in the Freedom Station Project.
The sky is hand painted and the body of the quilt was heavily stitched.
 I will be making more small quilts in the future . I love making them; they are easy, quick and use lots of small pieces of fabric that I can't use otherwise
  I have been spending allot of time inside my home  for the last thirteen days . Boy, have we been having storms in my area. It is very cold but it also gives me time to work on many fun projects.
   I was able to go out the other day during a break in the weather and take a look at my garden and I have a lot of plants coming up. I have everything covered with plastic which is suspended on wood poles and as soon as the weather settles down I will pull the plastic so my plants can get some sun.
   Getting the rain is good,  but I am looking forward to spring and summer. Once I get a chance to get some photos of my garden I will post them.
   A dear friend gave me some books using polymer clay and I think I will try my hand at making a few pieces of jewelery.  I tried to make matchbox necklaces which was a lot of fun.
Another new thing I want to try is wrapped beads. I saw some today that were really pretty and seeing them got me inspired.
   I think I will  make soup today  because it feels like  a great day for hot soup and warm bread. I love making my own bread. I find it very relaxing and when it comes out of the oven I am ready with butter and knife.