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Saturday, October 2, 2010

2nd Black and White Drawing for New Quilt

I got the second black line drawing for the quilt I am making done today.
I was able to get most of the elements I wanted drawn in. There is a small waterfall;
a stone bench; a wind chime; a bridge; stone steps; a small pool into which I will put koi and water lilies; large boulders; a staircase leading down to the garden and a round arch for the entrance to the garden.
The other picture is the grid I made so that I can enlarge the picture. I sure could use an overhead projector to enlarge the drawing.
It will take me a couple of days to transfer the picture I drew on to the grid.
For me this is the tedious part of making a quilt but the rest of the steps I don't mind.
I had to spend a couple of hours sorting my fabric today as well. When I am picking my fabric, I pick fabric for the back ground, middle and front sections of the quilt. I also pick a variety of sizes of plants, flowers etc. I will post pictures of the different fabrics I use once I make my choices. I also pick light, medium and dark fabrics and fabrics with various degrees of clarity in the design. The fabrics that are in the background don't have to be as sharp and clear as the ones for the front.
Once I pick the fabrics for the plants, trees etc., I will decide if I want to paint the fabric for the sky. I pick a 200 thread count white cotton to paint on for the sky.
I am going to work on enlarging my picture tonight and I hope I can finish it by Monday. If I do I will post it.
For this quilt I want to post each step and I would like to make a video to put on this blog ,for some of the steps of the work I do. I am still learning how to do that right, so it might be something I end up doing for one of my next quilts.
This quilt will take at least a few months to make because I will paint fabric, make beads if needed, make appliqu├ęs, embroider and make 3-d flowers etc. Each of these things is time-consuming. Unlike some fiber artists, I get tired very easily because of my physical challenge, and I can only work straight for so many hours a day. A friend helped me to create my work space and table for my machine, etc. to fit my wheelchair.
My process of making my quilts take a lot of time but I love it because I get to use so many techniques. i have taught my self from watching other artists on TV and also on some of the online tutorials. I love to watch other artists so that I can learn new skills to help me make my quilts better.

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