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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's All Black and White

Well I have spent the last couple of days resizing my drawing for the quilt I am making. After making the grid I started drawing in the picture from my original drawing and I was having a difficult time transferring all the lines. I got a little frustrated because it was starting to be a little too much work, but while I was sitting there trying to figure out what I was going to do to make the process easier for myself I noticed that if I just folded back and did one line at a time it was much easier for me. Whew!

The first picture is a picture of me laying my two drawings side by side.
 The next picture is a picture of the folds I made on the pictures.

The next picture shows the creases I made in the picture I drew on the largest grid I made.I had to fold each line back on itself, and then just drew in whatever was on the line. I had 24 lines to draw.
The top picture is a picture of the enlarged black line drawing.
After I finished and put the drawing on my foamcore board to see how it looked from a distance I realized I will have to make another drawing.
This would work better if I had an overhead projector OH Well Another drawing it is.
Looking at it from a distance, I see that I have to make the drawing wider and a little longer. The drawing is too small for the end size I want the quilt to be.
I will work on the sketch today and hopefully I will have it finished by this evening.
I think I will make every 3/4 inch square on my original drawing to equal 2 inches on my grid pattern and that should increase the picture it to the size I would like it to be on the finished design.
I may get to start picking out fabric today.There is a picture above of some of the fabric I have that I use to make my quilts. A friend gave me several boxes of fabric which I have sorted through and another friend told me she is going to send me some more in a few days.
I am hoping that I will get a chance to cut a few strips of fabric tonight so I can start making another new bag.
I also have to pull out some beads to make a necklace for a friend for her birthday.
Whew again! Hope I can get it all done today.

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