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Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Sketch for My New Quilt

This is the first drawing for one of the new quilts I am making. I will refine this drawing in the next couple of days. I usually do three or four drawing before I get the final one I will use. I need to decide on which elements I want to put in or leave out.
I want a small waterfall, a stone bench, wind chime and lots of plants. I also want some small birds in several places. I want to have a round archway for the front of the garden. I also would like to add some spiritual symbols somewhere in the piece.
I sorted through my fabric today and that took me quite awhile to do.
The light source will come from the right side of the quilt. The time will be early morning. I like to pick the time of day for the quilt at the beginning because this helps me decide which fabrics to use.

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