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Friday, June 11, 2010

Egyptian Quilt Progress

I made sure everything was pinned down on the quilt in the places I need each piece to stay. I set up my ironing board next to my sewing machine and made sure they were the same height.
I put the quilt on a foam core board so that I could move it to my sewing machine.
I leave my quilts on the foam core board so I am able to move the quilt around while stitching little areas I am able to slide off.
On this quilt I will have to do some hand stitching because the appliqué pieces I made are sticking out of the quilt by about 3 to 4 inches. So it will be impossible for me to sew them on the machine.
This is the stage of making the quilt that takes slow steady stitching. It isn't as complicated as some of my quilts have been but there is still a great deal of stitching to do.
I made the appliqués so they show the life cycle of the Blue Lotus.
It is a very interesting plant with an ancient history.

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