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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Starting My Spring Garden

I was able to get out this week and go the the local garden center. WOW! They had some beautiful basil plants. They had several varieties so I bought about eight different plants. I also bought a yellow pear tomato plant and a cherry tomato plant. I love to make pesto in the summer and I think I will try making different kinds of pesto using the different varieties of Basil. I also got several cilantro plants to make homemade salsa and the ladies at the garden center gave me a free summer savory plant. They said it might live and it looks pretty sad but now that I gave it some plant food and fresh potting soil I think it will live. I like to use savory in beans and meatloaf etc. I spent the next day getting the plants in my garden and the took some of these photos.

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