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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Egyptian Quilt Progress

I have been working on the quilt and have been able to get a good amount of surface stitching done. I finished the jars holding the plants on the back wall, and stitched them into place. I have also stitched to pool in place but I need to put a edge on it to finish it out. I finished attaching the date palm on the left and I left a little of the fronds loose so it can overlap the border when I sew it on later. I free motion stitched the the flowers that are in pots on the left by the date palm yesterday. I used some plants that I cut out of fabric for the plants that are in pots and placed the cutouts between two layers of solvy and free motioned stitched over the surface to give the plants texture.I was also able to finish the pomegranate tree on the right. I'm going to start working on the blue lotus plants today. I can only sew a little bit of the lotus plants on the machine because they come so far out of the quilt. I will have to do hand stitching on the parts that I can't get under the machine. I was also able to get the stairs attached. While doing the potted plants by the stairs I found out I needed to back the plants with a thick piece of felt so that the plants wouldn't have a hump in the middle when placed in front of the stairs.

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