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Friday, February 19, 2010

Starting a New Quilt

I worked on the pond yesterday and today. I had to do it three time because on the first two tries I just didn't like the results when I had finished. On the third try I used a batik fabric for the base, then I cut a mottled blue cotton fabric into shapes that made the surface of the pond look like it had ripples in the water . I also wanted to have the sky reflected in the water. I used three shades of orange/red hand-dyed fabric that I backed with fusible web for the koi fish in the pond. I put fusible web on the back of nylon material so I could fuse it to the surface of the pond. Once everything was fused together I painted the surface with fabric watercolor pencils and then I brushed the surface lightly with water. After it dried, I diluted silver metallic paint and brushed the surface lightly with it. Next I added a lily pad I made using a silk blue flower I had on hand. I will make a couple more lily blossoms tomorrow to add to the one I have already attached to the pond.
The lily pads were made by fusing two fabrics together then cutting out the pads. I will be stitching over the lily pads once I reach the place where I will be doing surface stitching.
Have a good weekend.
I think I will start making the pomegranate tree that will go on the left side of the quilt and some figs to go in the flat basket.

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