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Saturday, January 30, 2010

More to Do for "Sheshen Garden" Quilt

These are some of the materials that I pulled out so I can start to work on my new quilt. I had to re-size the picture of the flute player. I often have photos I use to design my patterns, but the designs are my own, and the photos are only used for general reference.
I also drew a lotus which I decided to make blue. I had some very pretty blue silk flowers to use for that, and I will add some yellow stamens.
I was reading about ancient Egyptian gardens and I found out the Egyptians grew many variety of trees and many of the flowers we use in our gardens today could be found in their gardens. They grew grapes and nuts and many herbs for medicine or to use in cooking. They grew dates also. Many of their gardens had at least one pond and in some cases the wealthy had several ponds in one garden. I think I will put some dragonflies in this quilt.
My son sent me the above photo of an indoor garden he visited and I am using it for inspiration for this quilt.

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