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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quilt Update Stitch by Stitch

I'm finally getting to post tonight . I thought I would be further along than I am but that is how it goes when I am working on a quilt. In my mind I think I can get so much done but when I start to work it always takes longer than I imagine.:)
I have picture here of the gloves I use to help me move my quilt around while I am stitching on it. They are regular garden gloves that I got at the hardware store. I like using them because they are warm ( especially in the winter) and because they protect my quilt from the oil on my hands( which is there even when you wash them)
while I am working on my quilt and I like cotton. If you are allergic to rubber the cotton gloves are the way to go.Some people use the finger tip covers ( the red rubber ones in the photo) and I do also from time to time. Try both and see which you prefer.
The other photos are of me working on the quilt today. You can see in one of the photos that the edge of the quilt shows the batting underneath the tree. I used a tooth pic that I dampened with a tiny amount of water to push the batting under the edge of the tree. Next I sewed along the edge of the tree. This gives the tree a 3-D quality.You can see in on of the photos part of a finished edge and part of an unfinished edge. When doing the stitching around the tree I have to be patience because while I am doing this kind of work I have to turn the wheel on my machine by hand for each stitch . One stitch at a time. Even though it is tedious to sew this way the results are good. I can't really sew this kind of work fast or it will ruin the work. Slow and easy is the way I approach it.
The tree is going to take two or three days to finish. After ever thing is attached on the tree and the rest of the pieces on the quilt are added I will trim the quilt and start thing about how I am going to do the border.

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Ladyfishfelt said...

I cannot wait to see when this is done. It is amazing.