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Friday, October 2, 2009


I have been doing some surface stitching on my quilt and I hope I can post tonight. I am getting ready for a end of the summer BBQ in between working on my quilt. It has been getting pretty cold at night where I live but it is beautiful also. The trees are changing color and there is a real snap in the air.
I have discovered a way to mark my quilts trim line so that I don't have to ask my friend to help me. Since I can't stand above my quilt to mark it I found that if I measure from the edge of the foam core board I have it on ( which has a straight edge) I get an accurate measurement for my cutting line. Boy does it make things easier. I can also get my horizon line right so that it doesn't drop to far to the left or right.
I have been having to wait for some one to help me with this part of making my quilts. Now that I can do it myself I am thrilled. I love the little things that help me be more independent.
I was also happy to find out today that I was in the Dharma Trading Co. Newsletter today. They are a wonderful Co. and they carry my favorite fabric paint.

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