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Saturday, October 3, 2009

quilt update

I used some duct tape to add an extension to the bottle of fabric glue I used to glue down the fabric pieces I am adding to my quilt. I had an empty tube of glue that had a long spout on it. I removed the tip to the tube of glue bottle and taped the longer tip in place. Using this made it much easier to glue my fabric pieces in place and it cut down on the amount of glue I had on my finger tips ( which I don't like) after gluing.
Next I tried my idea on how to get an evenly marked cutting line on my quilt. I can't stand up so I marked my horizon line on the foam core board placed the quilt on the board and ran a piece of twine across the board and pinned it in place so I would have a straight horizon line.
Next I measured from the outside edge of the board to where I wanted my cutting line to be on the quilt top and ran twine around the edge and pinned it in place. I will mark my cutting line with a fabric pencil. I think tomorrow I will stitch down all the fabric pieces and sew around all the large areas. Then I will layer the quilt top,batting,and backing fabric. After I do that I will pin all the layers together and begin the machine quilting. I chose a fabric with a fern pattern for the back. I will post picture as I go.
I feel like I was able to get quite a bit done today in between teaching my grandaughter how to make chicken and dumplins and apple pie. I love it when kids learn to cook and I am very happy to help.I started cooking when I was eight years old and I am sixty now and I have not lost my love of the art.

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