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Sunday, August 23, 2009

quilt update

I have been busy for several days making components to use on the large tree for the quilt. Preparing them takes allot of time. I made the vines first.Leaves were made next then the flowers are added.
This is what I did to make the vines.I assembled the threads and yarns and set my machine to the settings I needed. One of the photos is of the thread and cord I am using.The cord is very stiff. I am also using knitting yarn along with the threads. I lower the feed dog on my sewing machine and use the zig-zag setting. I used green thread in the bobbin and then I sew over the thread or threads I am using until I have the lenght of vine I need.It can be made in many thicknesses or color. I also skip parts of the vine as I am sewing. To add texture to the vine I sometimes sew in one spot to build up the thread.I am using silk flowers to go on the vines. I got these at the craft store. I buy a spray of silk flowers I like remove them from the stems then I attach the vines to the trunk of the tree using a couching stitch I add the flowers to the vines and use embrodiery thread to make french knots to go inside the flowers.I also use tiny glass beads to go inside the flowers sometimes.

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