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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a short post to begin the week

I haven't been able to post for a few days because I was doing a couple of side projects. I am posting a few pictures of my studio. A couple of pictures of a goddess cell phone bag I made and my experiment in making wrapped beads. I just got my new camcorder and right after that I got a letter in the mail from an organization that wanted me to make a video for their new upcoming web page. So I am glad I bought it. My first video wasn't to bad. Tomorrow I will post the progress I have made on the quilt I am making. I will be working on the tree also. I will update my slide show because I have new pictures to add.
The purple bag has a goddess on the back,labyrinth on the front,a beaded goddess face cabochon on the front , a bead for a closer, the strap is about 33in long,it has two pockets inside and the fabric I used inside is goddess fabric I made my self( I have 6 goddess fabric designs to use),I also included a note paper with spirals on the front and an explanation about how to use the labyrinth plus what the runes mean. I made it for my sister for her cell phone.
The pictures of the beads are my first try at wrapped bead making. I use scrap fabric which I cut in triangles then I use fabric glue on the end and roll the fabric around a skewer. After it dries I paint it with metallic paint, wrap the bead with decorative thread and glue it to the bead. next I thread beads on 22 gauge wire and wrap the bead with it. I slide the bead off the skewer and let the bead dry completely. These beads can be used to make a necklace or what ever you fancy. You can put glass beads in between the wrapped ones and hang a charm from the necklace.
The possibilities of the colors of bead you can make are endless.
Other pictures are of me and my studio.

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