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Saturday, August 8, 2009

polymer molds and face/scarab beads

These are the face and scarab beads I made today from polymer clay. I am going to use them on the tree on the right side of the quilt. I used a small face I found on a jar to make the molds for the face beads. The scarab beads are free hand. After I made the molds and baked them, I dusted the inside of the molds with talcum powder.Next I kneaded a small piece of polymer clay and pushed the clay into the molds. I removed the clay from the mold,placed it on a small tile then the beads were baked at 275 degrees in a toaster oven for 20 minutes. Once they were cooled I painted them with Burnt Umber acrylic paint. I wiped the paint off with a soft cloth to give the beads a antique look. I did the same thing with the scarab beads. To protect the beads I painted them with some Mop and Glow, and let them dry. I will apply the face beads to the tree with beading thread and tiny glass beads. I made a tiny opening on the back of the scarab beads so I could apply them to the quilt.

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