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Friday, July 10, 2009

Adding the Cliffs and Mountains

Today I was put in a few trees under the cliffs on the left side of the quilt. I messy cut (yes, I do mean messy cut and not fussy cut) several shades and patterns of fabric and pinned the pieces of cut fabric in place . Tomorrow I will glue them to to quilt top using Allene's OK TO Wash It Fabric glue. I darkened the small hills in the middle with felt tipped fabric markers and I made the large stones in the front of the quilt by the tree on the right side of the quilt. I made the stones by cutting a base piece of fabric the size I needed then I cut tiny stone colored pieces of fabric and glued them to the base fabric. I will use the same process to the smaller stones in the middle of the quilt next to the path.I will free motion stitch the design on the clear gift wrap onto the stones in the front of the quilt. If anyone is making a quilt along with me I would love to see yours when it is finished.

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