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Friday, June 26, 2009

New Quilt - Continued

The photo at the left is my second black line drawing. You can see where the grid was drawn over the top. I number each square across the top and side of the picture. Then I draw part of my picture from my original drawing in the appropriate matching squares.
At this stage I decided to re-draw some areas of my design, like the mountains and tree on the right, etc. I then make more changes in what I would like to add to the quilt. For example I decided I would put a waterfall on the left side of this quilt. I will make these kinds of changes along the way.
Next I bought a piece of foam core board at my local hardware store and taped my drawing to it. (Form core board is a light, smooth, foam board covered with a smooth white coating.)
Then I cut a piece of clear gift wrap and taped it over my drawing on the form core. (I bought my clear gift wrap paper at my local Dollar Store. It is very inexpensive and is perfect for this use). Next I used a black fine tipped marker to trace my design on the clear gift wrap. Do not draw the grid lines on the gift wrap.
The reason that I draw my design on the clear gift wrap is the gift wrap can be lifted up so the fabric pieces I will be adding while constructing the quilt will be easier to place.
The other photo at the left is a photo of the clear gift wrap I taped over my drawing. In my next post I will talk about painting the sky fabric for this quilt.
If anyone would like to try making your own quilt, I would love to have you join me. If you would like to just check back while it is being made, I would love to have you visit. I will list the materials I use and I will share my techniques along the way. I will try to post every couple of days.

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