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Thursday, May 18, 2017

                 SAFTEY PINNED QUILT
         I've finished pinning my quilt sandwich together. This includes the quilt, batting and background fabric.
         I'm going to start doing  free- motion stitching today over the surface of the quilt and then once I'm finished with the stitching I'll iron the piece.
         I lay parchment paper on top of the quilt and use a warm iron to iron the surface of the quilt. I will avoid ironing the tree because I want it to stand out and not get flattened to much.
       I will be adding  silk flowers and cotton fabric  leaves to the tree on the right side of the quilt next.
      I use curved safety pins to hold the three layers together. I place them about a hands width apart over the surface of the quilt .
      I used acrylic paint to paint the surface of the fabric I used for the tree and I've used fabric glue to hold the vine in place. I had to change the color of the trunck of the tree because the fabric I first used was to dark and the tree disappeared into the background.
 I just started sewing the trucks of the trees on the top portion of the quilt.