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Friday, March 3, 2017

                                NEW NEWS
  I will be doing landscapes quilts from now on on my blog because even though I like making the bowls, dolls and other items I have been posting about  these last few months I have really missed making my first love which are the landscape quilts I first started making when I started my blog.
   I have several quilt designs drawn out and ready to be turned into quilts.
   I will be making smaller quilts because now that I'm older I can lift larger quilts like I used to. I still want to do the detail work I've always enjoyed doing in the past
    The first quilt I will be working on is a 12x12 in. mini quilt . I will be donating it to SAQA.( Studio Arts Quilt Association ) for an upcoming auction they will be having to raise funds for their organization .
   I want to support this organization because of all they do to help artist. It is a wonderful organization.
  I will keep ya'll updated about when the auction will take place. I would like to invite all of you to take a look at the small quilts that will be offered during the auction. You may find that treasure that call your name.

   I'm going to call this first  quilt " The Temple" for now during its construction and I may change the name when I'm finished making it.
        Below is the photos of the picture that inspired this quilt and my black and white drawing of my design.