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Friday, January 20, 2017

               Camouflage Bags con.
   Finally finished making the body of my bags. Now the last two steps I need to take to finish the bags is to add the straps and Velcro closers.
     Here are pictures of the bags being made and now at this step.
        These first three  pictures are photos of the bag fronts and straps sewed and ironed . I'll be adding the folded  linings to the fronts of the bags and stitching them together around the edge and turning the bags  inside out.

 The  next set of photos are of the sewn bags and straps  .Front and back views.
  I will post photos of the finished bags once I get the straps and closers sewn on.
  After these bags are finished I'm going to start back making landscape quilts.
   I have several in process and need to make a small one to donate.
   My friend and co- author are almost ready to publish our book and we have two new exciting projects in the works for this coming year. 'Ill keep you posted on their progress.