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Sunday, December 4, 2016

           CAMOFLAGUE BAGS con.
    I'm  getting the bags done slowly but surely. I just finished the fronts of the Bear, Turtle and Angel . I cut out the applique  fabric pieces for each front after I fused it to fusible web. I added a branch with holly leave for the Angels halo .
    I used cotton fabric for the bag front and all the applique pieces.
 I will be doing some machine stitching on each bag front after im finished assembling them all and getting the iron on stabilizer attached to the body of the bag and straps.
    In the second picture you can see the fusing I did for each of the pieces of the for the bags. after they are cut out I remove the paper from the back of each piece and apply them to the bags front fabric.
  Here are Applique  pieces, for the fronts of three bags, after they have been cut out and placed on the front of the bags front flaps to set up the design so they can be ironed in place.
  I am working on the bag ,that will have a deer on the front, today.
  As soon as I can get a few bags made and perhaps a set of bowls I will get back to work on my Garden and Local Diner Quilt. Going to be a busy month.