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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

  Just finished three of the vegetable applique's today.
 I painted the fruits using Pebeo Setacolor fabric paint  and got them pinned to  a small piece of foam core board. Tomorrow each piece will be fused to the muslin background fabric.
  I did the figs, apricots and blackberries today.
The blackberry applique needs to be machine stitched to the background fabric. It has been fused down and the stitch lines have been drawn on  the leaves. I will use the raw edge applique technique for each block and I will add just a  few  embroidery stitches to each piece.

The fabric for the figs was overpainted and  will be fused to the background fabric. I have it pinned to the board to decide on final placement  of the fig leaves.

The apricot fabric is hand painted . I used a buttercup and red paint mixture for the apricots. after painting the apricots I let the fabric dry but did not heat set it.
  Next I diluted white paint with water  and dipped each piece of my fabric in the paint /water mixture . Let it dry then heat set the fabric. when I did that it gave the apricots a surface that looked like there was                                                                  light fuzz on the surface of the fruit.

  I use freezer paper on the surface of each piece so I can lael each piece and I fuse a paper back fusible web on the back . I cut the pieces out and put them in place on the background fabric and iron them down.