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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

                              Good  News
         Over the past few weeks I've been posting links  to a couple of sites where my friend and I were doing fundraising campaigns to raise the money to get our  book published.
     I wanted to let everyone know that  we raised the money we needed and I signed the contract with the publisher yesterday.
         I'm very happy we have reached this stage in our journey.

 There will be lots of work ahead to get our book upnfor sale but we will have wonderful people who will be helping us through the process .

   I will post updates on our progress and let all of you know when our book and e-book are up for sale.

          In the next few weeks I will be posting pictures of landscape quilts I will be working on . Inhavent worked on landscapes for awhile but now I've decided it is time to work on a few again.

         I have done a few penciled drawings which I will post, in the next couple of days, to share with you what I will working on.