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Saturday, February 27, 2016

             Butterflies and Blackline Drawings
      I just finished some Fabric  Origami Butterfly Brooches/ with origami box  today that I  made for some family members.   I was able to get a few simple black-line  drawings done today  for the small quilts that I'm going to be starting in the next few days.
       I did a little beading on each of these  butterflies and I made an origami box for each butterfly brooch.
  I added a clip to the back of each butterfly so they can be worn on a blouse, purse, jean pocket scarf or any other item that suits your fancy.
   I found out that batiks make wonderful butterflies . The colors and Pattern of the batiks make your butterflies more realistic. I also found a way to make my butterflies with two fabrics , so that when folded theyn  end up having two colors on  the front of the body of the butterfly.  instead of the two colors I usually use to make my butterflies I was able to use three colors. The more colors the better as far as I'm concerned.
     I like making these very much. They use up scraps from other projects and you can make one in a couple of hours. They make wonderful gifts for a friend or family member.
      The origami boxes I make are made from a very stiff paper. I would have used origami paper but my local craft store didn't have any in stock and I could get a ride to the craft store in the lager city close to me. Since I live in the country and I'm unable to drive I have to rely on friends to drive me into town. So I just used the heaviest paper I had on hand which was paper used for scrapbooking.
   Luckily it worked for me and I was able to fold the paper and paint it with metallic markers.
            I make several different origami boxes that are about 21/4 in square. I offer the butterfly design on the top of the gift box  but can also do a bear, bunny , heart  or pillow shape. I add a piece of  note paper inside and or small pieces of jewelry on request. I make my own jewelry like eggshell jewelry or glass bead   necklaces . bracelets and beaded brooches
         I'm selling the Fabric Origami Butterfly brooches and boxes for $10 to $30 dollars depending on the complexity  if  beads are added to the butterfly  or if a piece of jewelry is added.
         The black line drawings are just a few beginning ideas I have for the small quilts . I love doing garden landscapes . I add moon gates from time to time to my compositions . I would like to add a bench to one of the quilts and a pagoda to another.
  After my drawing are done I make one last drawing and write notes over its surface so that I can remind myself where I want to place certain features I want in the quilts like gates, benches, flower beds , waterfalls , etc..
    I also make a note of the time of day I want the quilt to be so that when I paint the sky fabric I will know which colors to use.
      I will be posting my progress as I go.

   First, here are the  Fabric Origami Butterfly Brooches . I'll post the black- line drawings in my next post.