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Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Bowl
       I just finished a fabric bowl last night. I made it from cotton fabric and I fussy cut all of the fish and plants etc. from two fabrics I had on hand. I used a heavy fusible bond to fuse the two pieces of fabric, I used for the inside and outside of the bowl, together.
    . All of the fish and underwater plants were applied to the inside and outside of the bowl using glue sticks.
   Then I used a clear invisible thread to attached all the pieces I had cut out to the inside of the bowl. I started my stitching from the center of the bowl and stitched around the inside of the bowl all the way to the top then stitched from the top of the bowl back down to the bottom of the bowl. I did this several times until I was sure all the fussy cut pieces were attached. 
      After all the stitching was done I used a mixture of 50% each  water and glue to paint the inside and out side of the bowl. I placed the bowl on a another bowl that I had covered with plastic wrap to upside down and let the bowl dry.  I put the bowl that I had covered with the plastic wrap on a bottle so that the bowl could get air all the way around while it was drying.
    I painted the bowl 4 times with the 50%  solution.  It helps keep the bowls shape intact.
         I left the edge of the bowl free form instead of binding the edge with a binding to match a color in the bowl. I may spray  the outside of the bowl with a clear spray on varnish.