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Thursday, July 9, 2015

  I jjust  finished a new doll a few days ago and getting ready to make another on. Here are a few photos of the finished doll.

 I made the doll using mostly cotton fabric. I did use a little satin for the vest and shoes and I used moleskin fabric for her small bag.
 I made the small book using leather and wood and I printed nine power words on copy paper to go inside the book.

  The next doll I think I will be using blue fabric and my own tie dye fabric.

 I'm teaching my self how to do Tie Dye and I have tried several techniques but none have worked for me because the methods were designed to use with t-shirts and larger pieces of fabric. I  need to have a design that is smaller in scale so it can be used for a dolls dress.  I went on you tube and found some videos and some of  the artist were using sharpie pens to make a tie dye design on tennis shoes and I thought the technique would work for what I need . I bought pens today and some 91% alcohol and I'm getting ready to experiment  and see what I come up with. I will post the results later today.