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Friday, August 15, 2014

            I  started the new quilt a few days ago .
            I picked eight vegetable and three fruits  to put on the outside edge of the quilt. These are the vegetables and fruits that my neighbor grew this year. 
           I will be making appliques of each fruit and vegetable.
   The next thing I'm going to be doing is drawing the design of the garden in the blank center .
         I took allot of pictures of my neighbors garden . I will  resize my photos and print out the ones I'm going to use to make my patterns from for the quilt.

        Once I get all the patterns made I will cut  the fabric for each pattern and put them in separate bags.
   I have placed  a piece of clear wrapping paper over the top of my design and  once I get my design drawn on the freezer paper  I will draw a second pattern on the clear wrapping paper and use this black line drawing to help me place all the pattern pieces . 
        This quilt will take me three to six months to complete.