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Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Bowl and Origami Butterfly
  I have been busy busy busy. I'm still a little in holiday recovery  mode:)
   I have been able to make a sale some things in one of our towns craft stores and have now had a request for more bowls. I have come up with two new designs and I've  just finished a bowl using one of the designs.
 Here are pictures of the inside of the bowl . To decorate the inside I used rick-rack , fabric paint, and a strip of colorful piping. This bowl has ten pink separate petals made from a mottled fabric and ten smaller petals made from a rosy mottled fabric.  For the bottom outside of the bowl I made leaves from three kinds of
batik fabric. I also stitched simple veins on the leaves before adding them to the bowl. Once the bowl is sewn together on the inside I brush the whole bowl inside and out with Elmer's glue and water using a 50 /50 blend.

                                                                     I made each leaf  a different color and I used two colors of fabric for the bottom outside of the bowl. it took me a few days longer than usual to make this bowl because I had to cut out so many leaves. Still it doesn't take long to make a bowl like this.

 I added an Origami Butterfly to the edge of this bowl. I painted it with the Elmer's glue solution also and I attached it to the edge of the bowl with beading floss .

 The next bowl I want to make is going to make is going to be a light house bowl. my sons birthday is coming up and he loves lighthouses so I thought I would do a lighthouse from Maine.Another project I have been working on is Origami Butterflies. I will send a photo in my next post.