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Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Bowl---African Theme
 The Bowl I just finished came about because my friends father and his wife had taken a trip to Africa. It just happened that I had some African fabric someone had given me and I thought a bowl done with african features would be pretty so this is the result.
   The symbols on the inside of the bowl are African symbols and they represent peace,hope, harmoney etc. They were printed onto fabric and after being cut out and trimmed they were applied to the inside surface of the bowl with glue and stitching.
The bowl is made from commercial fabric. I did  heavy machine stitching over the surface and  used Elmers glue to stiffen it the fabric to make the bowl much steadier.

I used cotton bias tape to make the top edge of the bowl smooth. Sometimes the edge needs to be trimmed before the bias tape is sewn on.
 I am having a good time making these bowls. They are fun and easy once you have a pattern.