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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finished Black and White Quilt
  I finished my black and white quilt last night but it was late so I wasn't able to post until today. Glad I'm finished and now the quilts  will be going to Ireland. Jim West , publisher of Quiltposium ,has asked me to be in his exhibition. It is a great honor.
   I will take a couple of days to get the paper work and photos together to send with my quilts . Then catch up on email and call friends  before starting on the other  projects. I have a necklace to make and a mini quilt to design.
 I   hand-painted the sky for this quilt using Pebeo Seta Color  fabric paints. I used some batik fabric along with some cotton fabric I over-painted in this quilt. I beaded each of the styles in the center of each flower. I used HeatnBond Solvy  to help me shape the flowers. I have stitched each petal tip  in place to keep the flowers in place after I shaped the petals.
                                                     I enjoy making black and white quilts. This is the first time I have made two quilts at the same time and it was a wonderful experience.