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Thursday, February 14, 2013

After the Quilts are made what's next?
   Once I get my quilts made I still need to get them ready for the exhibition in Ireland.
     I am making storage bags for each quilt and I always put a pocket on the side of each bag . I add the pocket because it is needed to hold the paper work I need to have for the exhibition. The entry form, entry fee ( if required), registration number  which are required sometimes  and photos are placed in the pocket Sometimes I add a photo  of the quilt I am entering to the pocket front.. This helps them keep tract of the entry and it is used to identify the quilt. I sometimes put my photos on a CD and add it along with the paper work. I get each quilt appraised and insured. Everything you can do in advance helps make things run smoothly. If you follow to the letter what is required of you to enter makes for  a more enjoyable experience for everyone all round and your more assured of getting you work back if it doesn't sale.
    Since I am entering two round quilts I am working on a bag cut to fit these types of quilts.
      My design  for the hanging sleeves for the back top of my  round quilts works perfectly. The top of the quilts stands up and doesn't fall forward anymore . I will be using this design from now on for all my round quilts.
        I am sending six quilts to the Festival to be held  in June of this year.They will head to Illinois where they will be picked up and flown to Ireland.
    Here is the link .
   I think it is going to be a wonderful exhibition .
   If anyone would like to enter a piece of work there is still time.All of the requirements and categories are listed on the web page.