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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hibiscus/Black and White Quilt  Update
 I pinned my quilt tops ,batting and backing fabric together last night after I had finished gluing down the leaves I had prepared for each of the quilts I am making and I  cut  the fabric for the two  hanging sleeves
I will need.
   Today I will stitch the tops of the quilts using free motion stitching.
    Now that I have cut  the  four pieces of fabric I have chosen for the hanging sleeves  I will iron a piece of Pellon Double-Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer to one of the pieces of each set  before I stitch  the pieces together.
     I haven't tried this method  of making a hanging sleeve before . I am hoping it will give my quilt tops the strength they need to keep  the tops of the quilts from  falling  forward when they are hung up.
                                                    I used a Curved Safety pin to pin my quilt top,batting and backing together to keep the quilt op from shifting while I am sewing.
After I finish stitching the tops of both quilts I will trim each quilt and get ready to add the hanging sleeves and bindings. I want to decorate the binding with embroidery stitches. Last I will add the Hibiscus Flowers and labels. Almost finished.