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Monday, December 3, 2012

Back to Black and White

 I will be working on the black and white quilt a little later today . I am cut, cleaning and pinning the sections I am using to represent the plants on the tops of the ravines on the side of the mountains .
  I have also decided which kind of tree I am going to make to go in the top left of the quilt. At first I was going to make a Monkey Pod tree (the tree that looks like an Umbrella) but then I decided I would make a  Kukui tree. It is a tree that has light gray-green leaves and flowers on it. It is an amazing tree; I will be posting information about the tree when I start working on it. I found a great fabric for the leaves  and the trunk of tree. The picture of the fabric I am going to use for the leaves and flowers of the tree is a little yellow because the bulb in my light fixture was an energy efficient light.