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Monday, December 3, 2012

I Love Solvy

I buy my Solvy in a roll; I can pull off the size sheet I need for the project at hand. Here is a photo of the stitching I did on the surface of a tulle sandwich I made.
A tulle sandwich it tulle layered between sheets of Solvy.  For those  of you who have not used Solvy,  it is a form of plastic; you can mark it with Sharpie pens and when you finish sewing on it, you put it in water. I use just room temp water to wash the Solvy away; I'm  left with just the stitching. I used several different colors of green threads and used the embroidery hoop to hold my tulle sandwich together to keep the layers of tulle and Solvy from slipping apart. Each segment of the stitching for each section of the ravines on the side of the mountains is numbered; when I cut them out I will be able to put them on the right section of the quilt.
 Here you can see where I cut out the first section of the stitching.
Once I have washed the Solvy away, I am left with the stitching on the tulle. I then remove the tulle with my stencil gun.and I pin it to my quilt. I will sew these on once I get them all done. I am doing that right now with the colored thread stitching.