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Friday, December 14, 2012

Setting Up to Work

  These photos show the setup I do before I start cutting. I gather plastic baggies, scissors, and making pen. I  number all  the bags. I cut one piece of fabric at a time and place the pieces in a numbered bag. The red plastic  is what I use to show myself the color value of each piece of fabric so I can start from light to dark.
In the last picture I laid a few of the cut pieces of fabric out so you can see how I cut my fabric for my quilts. I have cut about 200 pieces of fabric so far and I probably won't use all of the pieces I cut but what I don't use I can store and use in later projects. It is better to have more than you need than not enough.
 Once I get the pieces cut I will start gluing the pieces in place so that I can stitch them in place.When I finish gluing the pieces down I usually stitch the fabric pieces around the edges just to hold them in place. I will do the heavy stitching later once I get all the pieces in the right place. It is a long process but for me it is the best way to get the effect I want. I use the fabric to create the effect of light coming down from the moon (on the black and white and the sun on the full color quilt).
  I have been a little under the weather but I have a new doctor who I am hoping will be able to help me get better.  Getting older is tough sometimes and I am finding that things happen to one's body unexpectedly.
    I am glad that I am able to make my quilts; it is my real love. Making my quilts helps me with pain and the inevitable up and down emotions that go with living with a disability. I would recommend doing some form of art to anyone with a disability . It have helped my on many levels.