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Friday, December 14, 2012

Fabric to Make One Quilt

   These are a couple of photos of the fabric I gathered and cut for the full color quilt. I put the cut pieces in a numbered plastic bag
    The plants in Hawaii are so varied and so profuse . It is an artist dream. I am thinking about making some small bags after I get the quilts made so I can send them to a friend in Hawaii. She sent me some picture from Hawaii the other day and I was so thrilled . The photos were so beautiful and they have inspired me to make bags featuring the flowers of the Islands.
  One of the reasons I am showing these photos of the fabric is to give you an idea of how much fabric it takes me to make my quilts. I paint some of my own fabric or I over paint store bought fabric and because of the generosity of friends I have a large assortment to choose from.
 Well back to work. Once I finish cutting my fabric today I will gather my glue sticks and toothpicks and start placing the fabric pieces in place to be sewn down.
    My friend and I are still working on our book and we are hoping to get it published this coming year. We have some wonderful artists with awesome life stories. I am excited and looking forward to putting out a beautiful book.