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Friday, December 28, 2012

Status Update on Hibiscus Quilt

Last night I finished beading the ends of the style, which is the long protrusion from the center of the Hibiscus as you can see in the photo at the left.
    I used black, gray, white and off-white beads for the styles on the black and white Hibiscus and for the Yellow Hibiscus I used dark yellow, light yellow and white glass beads.
     The photo on the right shows the finished beaded styles. Now that I am finished with the styles I can move on to the petals
  For the petals of my Hibiscus, which I am working on today,  I filled a small container with Elmer's Glue and water and shook it well. I will paint each petal with the solution and as I 'm painting the petals I will drape them over something to help them hold their shape while they dry. Once I 'm finished  painting the petals I will post the results.
  I like to get photos  of what I am working on and set them up in front of me while I'm working.
It helps me get a better idea of how the plant or flower looks so they look closer to the real thing.   
    The batting I used for the styles stayed in place and didn't shift while I was beading the ends and stayed firm. When I stuffed these styles I used a wooden skewer.  I sanded the end of the skewer so it wouldn't poke a hole in my fabric while I was stuffing them.