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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Black and White and Color

  I have  both quilts at the same stage in their construction . I had to do a lot of cutting to get the dark strips I am using for the ravines on the side of the mountains. Now that I have all the strips cut and glued down I am going to do a little fabric painting on the surface of the mountains. I also want to get the moon and sun sewn in place. I will be working on both of those things tomorrow.
Now that I am older it seems to take me more time to construct my quilts. I try to just work slow and steadily.
 After everything is glued together I will place the mountains in the right place and stitch them down. I usually just stitch around to edges of my applique pieces to hold them in place then I do my free motion stitching over the surface to add texture and extra colors then  I am going to use some acrylic fabric paint to put a few more  more highlights on the sides of the ravines .
I think we are going to get rain in my area . Not as bad as the folks on the east coast. My heart goes out to them.
Will post again in a day or two hopefully . The next few steps will take awhile.
Something happened to me the other day. I love having a sister; she is a wonderful person and I'm glad she is in my life. I had been trying to get some fabric from my local fabric store and they kept telling me that they didn't have it in stock but would be getting some hopefully soon. I needed the fabric to make this black and white quilt so I called my sis to see if her local fabric store had the fabric I was looking for and thankfully they did. My sis went to the trouble to go get me the fabric I needed and sent it to me. Wow . Not only that she got me some fabric dye. Sometimes life is so good. If you have a sister you love, give her a big hug and let her know how much she means to you. Matter of fact, tell everyone you know how much they mean to you.