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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Background for One of Circular Hibiscus Quilts

   I have been working away on the quilts. I have taken enough photos of my progress, so wanted to get them up before  Thanksgiving Day get here. I know I will have to take the day off with all the cooking and visiting with friends and family.  My guess is it may be a few days before I can post again. I got the mountains painted and I have started making the five Hibiscus flowers that will be going on the front of the quilts.
Here are first photos of the mountains after I painted them. I also painted along the top ridge of the mountain with very light colors to show the sun rising over the ridge. I use a piece of twine to show me how the rays of the sun will fall so I can paint those areas of the quilt lighter.
The tulle is pinned in place because that is where I will put my sun.  I did the same with the black and white quilt. I am using watercolor pencils. One of my favorites is Prismacolor, but I also use regular watercolor pencils.  You can buy them in different size sets. I bought some individual pencils because I use a lot of white. I am going to use Rit dye later on to color some fabric that I am using for the petals and I think I will use Rit dye to color the center of each of  the flowers.  I found out the other day when I was making my petals that I could get the same color using Rit dyes as I had gotten using Procion fiber reactive dye.