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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Challenges of Working on Two Quilts at the Same Time

I finished my second black and white drawing and got my first piece of sky fabric painted. Don't know if I will use the sky fabric I have or not. I usually have to paint three to six or seven depending on whether the fates are with me that day or not.
I will probably do another black and white drawing just to have more details - little places for hidden surprises.
I just finished mixing up some fabric acrylic paint so I can paint another sunrise sky . I may get it finished tonight so it can dry over night and I can heat press it in the morning and post it here.
   I need to either buy or paint a sky for a moonlit evening. I haven't painted a night sky before. I have only overpainted on fabric to make a night sky so this will be a new experience..
 Working on two quilts at the same time is going to be a new experience also but I am looking forward to it.

You can see the first sky fabric on the left side of the table in front of the drawings. I have also collected several photos of yellow Hibiscus, waterfalls and plants to help me get an idea of how to cut my fabric and what colors of fabric I want to use.
  The other photo shows my idea for the quilt drawn on a grid. I used 2-1/4" rectangles for the small picture and 5-1/2" rectangles for the large squares. I usually makes notes in the margins around the edge of the drawings because ideas come to me while I am working and most of the time I don't have paper at hand.That is one reason I keep all my patterns that I create. I have notes on them letting me know how I have made certain things.
I am going to make a large moon coming over the ridge on the right side of the black and white quilt I am going to make.I made a pattern for the butterflies I want to put on the quilt. For the moonlit quilt I will create some moths.