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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall is in the Air and I am Ready to Quilt!

I can feel fall in the air and my trees are dropping leaves like mad.
Finally decided on the fabric I will use for the full color quilt I am making   Next I need to get some fabric painted myself, or possibly .
Here are a couple of photos of the fabric and the last black and white drawing I will be doing for this quilt.
I like the feel of this fabric and I think the light will be going top left to bottom right. I used golds mauve pinks and light gray fabric paint for this fabric. The fabric paint I like is Pebeo Setacolor; it works great. You can get it from Dharma Trading Company.

 The second photo shows the black on clear overlay drawing I will make for this quilt. I draw on cellophane gift wrap and tape it to the top of  a foam core board. You can get one cheap at the hardware store.
I do this so that when I am placing my fabric pieces as I cut them out I can get them in the right place and see how they will look . I also ask myself if they are the right size, color, or shape, or if the placement of the pieces is right.
The pieces have to be cut out a certain way to create depth .I will post examples while I am making the quilt.
It will be a new experience to make a night sky but it is exciting to try something new.