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Friday, August 24, 2012

First Draft of My Design is Done!

Finally got my first rough draft done for the new quilt I am going to work on. I was inspired by some photos I found on the internet of Hawaii. The yellow Hibiscus that grows there is so beautiful and I got to thinking that it also would be beautiful done in the black and white under a large moon.
The light will be coming from the right top and filter down through the picture. I want to put in three waterfalls, two pools,one cave and several Hibiscus. I have started making notes on the drawing to remind myself where I want to put each thing in each area of the quilt.
I will start choosing fabric tomorrow . This takes at least a week. I have some beautiful butter yellow fabric for the Hibiscus. Hawaii is so lush I will be able to use many colors of greens, and because there are so many flowers I will be able to use a full spectrum of colors
These quilts will take several months to make  I hope you will enjoy watching the quilts being made.
 I am calling this quilt "Yellow Hibiscus"  for now.