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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flour Paste Resist Experiment

The next test I did was using flour paste resist. I want to get a crackle surface on the flowers. After placing some plastic wrap on my work table  I mixed my flour paste  resist . I made a small amount  of resist for my test. To make the flour paste resist I  mixed equal amounts of water and flour and put it in a small bottle. I then applied the resist on cotton fabric and spread it out with a scraper. Then I let it dry. Once it was dry I crumpled it up the fabric, smoothed it out again and painted the surface with a dark green acrylic paint. The fabric buckles up when it is drying but that is actually what I am trying to achieve. Once it was dry I washed it in cool water to remove the flour paste resist. I ended up with a nice crackle fabric. I think this method would be good to make leaves especially.