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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Starting a Donation Quilt for SAQA

I have finally started my donation quilt for SAQA.  I have the design  for this quilt drawn on cellophane gift wrap and I drew the pattern on freezer  paper so I can cut it apart to make each individual fabric pattern pieces that will be sewn together. After cutting the pattern apart, I iron the freezer paper pattern to my fabric. Then I cut around the pattern. I remove the paper pattern  from the back of the fabric and set the pieces of fabric aside. I keep cutting until all the fabric pattern pieces are done.
After that is done, I choose a fabric for the back of the quilt. Next I cut out a piece of thin batting, and put the two pieces together and place this under the cellophane that has my design drawn on it. I put a couple of pieces of tape on top so I am able to lift the cellophane up and down as I work. Once this I start placing my fabric pattern pieces on top of the batting. As you can see in the photo I have made notes for myself  on the side of the quilt. I do this  to remind myself what I want to do while making the quilt.I also put down what colors I want to use and which embroidery stitches I want to use etc.
I will spend most of the day today placing my  fabric pattern pieces on the batting. Once this is done I will start pinning everything in place.