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Monday, January 2, 2012

Creating Bricks

I am finally getting around to posting for the day and a long day it was. I was able to get my brick pattern marked on the fabric and I made a few vines using a zigzag stitch. Tomorrow I will start stitching in the lines around the bricks I marked off today. I painted the brick lines using colored pencils. I will be using a free motion stitch to fill in the lines between the brick shapes.
   When I make the vines I couch yarn with sewing threads using my sewing machine. I thread the machine with  shades of green thread and I put a piece of  yarn under the presser foot. I hold the yarn in place to feed it under the pressure foot and  using  a zigzag stitch large enough to cover the yarn. I will use the vines on the largest tree and also on the bricks face to hold flowers.