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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Little Day Music for My Heart

I see it has been almost a month since I have posted. I wish I could post more often but sometimes when I am working I just loose track of time. Right now( am in what I call flow and when I am in the flow I just work. I have been cutting fabric for days and have finally got the middle part of the quilt done pretty much.
I finished pinning the pieces of fabric down that I have been cutting. I will sew these down and start adding my surface embellishments. I have quit a few things to add. As you will see in the pictures I am posting today.
I have made vines,butterflies, dragon flies and flowers using the burned fabric technique. I have also cut fabric for leaves that with be attached to the vines. I will also be using some silk flowers. I like to get white silk flowers when I can so I can dye them the color I want to use on my quilts. I made small water lily pads that will be attached to the quilt by the waterfall.
One of my arms is a little tight but I am thrilled to know most of the embellishments are done. The dragonflies I made took a couple of days to do but I am really pleased how the turned out. I found the perfect beads and I had a wonderful fabric to use for the wings.
Now that I have got my fabric pieces pinned down I will spend the day sewing them down. I use a free motion stitching and  invisible thread to sew the pieces down.
If I am lucky I will be able to start adding my embellishments today. I also am making a small Buddha to add to this garden quilt and I may add a Japanese lantern. I prepared the fabric to make them with last night and i need to print the photos on fabric. I found some fabric that resembles granite and I am using it for the Buddha and lantern .
I am luck to get as much time as I have to work on this piece but I am not going out much; it is cold and raining off and on I would rather stay inside and work and have some hot coffee or tea, listen to music and work. It is a great stress reliever. In today's world it is needed now more than ever.