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Monday, May 16, 2011

Sky Fabric

I finally got a piece of fabric painted that I think will work for my sky on the quilt I am making.  I painted four pieces of fabric that that wouldn't have worked for this piece. The fabric I finished today I had to paint over five times before I felt it would work for this quilt.
   I used pepeo fabric paint to paint my sky. I mixed  10 different combinations of paint starting with yellows and working up to the blues. After the fabric was dry I cut out the portion I wanted to use for the sky. The leftover pieces of fabric can be used on other projects.
   I drew my quilt design on cello wrap and attached it to the foam core board then placed the section of fabric I cut out underneath the drawing . I still need to heat set the paint fabric before I use it in the quilt.
  Here is the  hand painted fabric I just finished.

The second picture is the drawing of  my idea on cello wrap with the fabric underneath. It is a jumping off point and the finished quilt will end up being very different from this drawing.
   I think I will work on my back ground trees  tomorrow. I  haven't decided how I will make them but I think one of the things I will do is paint some gauze to use for the leaves. Another artist i was reading about used the same technique in one of her quilt so I decided I would try it on this quilt.
It was raining and hailing today where I  where I live and I was wishing the sun would come out. It seems like this winter is lasting longer than usual this year. I sure hope my plants in the garden make it. I just got all my vegetables up and going. I made Swiss steak tonight with some garlic mashed potatoes . Swiss steak is one of my favorite comfort foods and on a cold evening it is warm and wonderful:)