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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Egyptian Garden Quilt Update

I have added the mid-ground elements to this quilt to see how they look on the quilt top. I have the elements pinned in place (no stitching) so that I can decide if I want to move any thing or if I want to add anything. I let the quilt sit for a couple of days and think about the changes or additions I want to make. I make notes after asking myself how I want to proceed and what I need to make to go in the foreground.
Some examples of changes and additions I want to make are:1. move the pond, 2.,move the pomegranate tree 3. make some simulated stones for the edge of the pond, 4. make some reeds for the pond, 5. make stems for the plants, 6. make arm bands for the flute player, 7. messy cut more greenery for the flowers, 8. make thread painted 3-d leaves for the foreground of the quilt, 9. make vines for the daisies, 10. make dates to go in one of the baskets.
I also need to paint shadows on the bricks. The sun will be coming from the back forward. Another reason I place the elements the way I do right now is to help me decide where I want to paint in the shadows.
This is a step in the quiltmaking process where you need to take your time and make sure  everything is where you want it. After everything is placed where you feel it looks the best pin everything down and leave it for a few days to see if your vision of the piece changes.
Oh yes, one thing I forgot to mention is that I used a stencil tool to remove the net around the branches of the date palm tree.

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