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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stitching Very Carefully

This is a closeup photo of the stitching I am doing today on the flowers. I stitch an area and move to the next until all of one color is added. Then I change thread and start the process again until it is time to go to another thread color. Once I finish using a color I cut all the thread between each area. Today I am working on the plants at the bottom of the picture on the left. I am doing one stitch at a time because the lace I painted and used for this area is very thick and the machine's darning foot is having a hard time going over the lace. I have to turn the hand wheel on my machine for each stitch so it is going to take me most of the day to finish this area.I will post today if I get finished .
I have been able to stitch the area from the tree on the right all the way to the left side of the quilt by the waterfall. Once I finish the area I am doing today I will start working on the tree and I know I will have to use my one stitch method to finish the tree. As for the plants below the tree, I may be able to stitch a little faster. I won't know though until I get there.

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